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  • London Film Festival: <em>The Handmaiden</em>, <em>Lady Macbeth</em> and the Possibilities of Adaptation London Film Festival: The Handmaiden, Lady Macbeth and the Possibilities of Adaptation
  • London Film Festival: The Glorious Uncertainty of <em>Certain Women</em> London Film Festival: The Glorious Uncertainty of Certain Women
  • London Film Festival: <em>The Secret Scripture</em> London Film Festival: The Secret Scripture
  • Head in the Heart of the Matter Head in the Heart of the Matter
  • This Place We Know: <em>Terrorism</em> and <em>The Rest Of Your Life</em> at the Bush Theatre This Place We Know: Terrorism and The Rest Of Your Life at the Bush Theatre
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  • Litro # 156: India Litro # 156: India





  • The Fishman

    I was sitting at my computer when I saw him…or it! He was lying under the spare cot I have for visitors.

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  • Inside

    Our first fire was a tentative thing, a match to the twigs in the upstairs room. I sat on the edge of the chair, watched the flames and imagined a tell-tale strand of smoke drift across the evening sky.

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  • The Dog

    When I’ve walked away from all the images of massacres and witches, bandits and clashing armies and lunatics, and when the pictures of kings and gods have faded away, the image that always stays with me is of this

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  • Don DeLillo: In Conversation

    Perhaps what is most refreshing though, particularly for a writer of his stature, is his reiterated belief that literature is still, and will continue to remain, relevant, and important, in a rapidly changing world.

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  • Trip to India

    I looked out the taxi window at the pouring rain. Monsoon season was never fun. We always came to India in the winter so as to avoid the scorching summer heat.

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  • Litro #156: India: The Warehouse

    To understand our family is to know about the warehouse. Magic things happened there. Our fortunes fluctuated. We ran a small international company by each of us occupying every single role, from managing director to warehouse staff to janitor.


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