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  • Litro # 158: Reflections Litro # 158: Reflections
  • Litro #158: Reflections: Letter from Editor Litro #158: Reflections: Letter from Editor
  • Desi Girl Desi Girl
  • Shame Shame
  • Humans of the Serengeti Humans of the Serengeti
  • Slippery Spaces: The State of Indian Modernity Slippery Spaces: The State of Indian Modernity
  • Mystery and Poetry: <em>Paul Nash</em> at Tate Britain Mystery and Poetry: Paul Nash at Tate Britain
  • A Socially Conscious Curio?: <em>An Inspector Calls</em> at the Playhouse Theatre A Socially Conscious Curio?: An Inspector Calls at the Playhouse Theatre






    I drift into the shady joint, nothing else to do, and watch a few sharks perform their torque on green felt. Not my game though.

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  • Shame

    Memories which horrify her on cold, sober walks still tick somewhere in her blood. At night, the rejected words sometimes run over her skin like a wave; she is still somehow primed for them.

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  • Humans of the Serengeti

    By branding the entire landscape as forever natural and unchanging, we are recreating it in the conservationist ideal. What we are actually conserving, however, is a mere figment of modern imagination.

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  • Desi Girl

    This is a blueprint for dating as an Indian girl in America. This will tell you everything you need to know to secure a husband who likes his rotis perfectly round and his wife perfectly thin.

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  • The Daughters

    Today would be better, she told herself. The Basque country sunshine was already golden with promise.

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  • Trip to India

    I looked out the taxi window at the pouring rain. Monsoon season was never fun. We always came to India in the winter so as to avoid the scorching summer heat.

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  • Apis

    “I imagine my reflection is another woman, a strange creature who can float next to my window, and keep pace with a speeding train. Some kind of witch. Her expression is blank.”


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